How Dog Poop Saved My Life
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How Dog Poop Saved My Life is the intriguing story of a young Lancaster County native turned entrepreneur.  Follow Fred on his turbulent journey through life and learn how he was able to literally polish a turd into gold. 

Discover how Fred triumphed over some of life's most challenging obstacles including abuse, neglect, and poverty.  Read about Fred's life of loneliness and destitution.  Learn how the least desirable part of man's best friend motivated him to transform his life. 

Through the sharing of humorous and heartwarming stories, Fred describes key life lessons and the individuals who supported him through his journey.

about Mr. Scoop

Mr. Scoop, also known as Fred Nell, is originally from Columbia, PA.  He is a 1990 graduate of Columbia High School in Lancaster County.  Fred began Mr. Scoop in June of 2003 to control his own hours and to spend more time with his son, Tyler.  Fred believes it is his work ethic, dedication, and determination to be his own boss that helped his business to become what it is today -- Central PA's premier dog waste removal service.  Mr. Scoop lives in Lititz, PA with his wife, Karen, his son, Tyler, and Emmi --- the cat and true ruler of the household.


Relying on his faith in God and faith in himself, Fred's story inspires all to pursue their dreams and to make a difference in their communities. To learn more about Mr. Scoop, visit his homepage at

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Photo by Katy Trefry.

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Mr. Scoop visits a local elementary school to talk about owning a business and making your dreams come true.